5/10/15 _ Book
Professional Graphic Design Practice 1


The main goal of this project was to understand the world of advertisement by making a campaign for a chosen company that will attract  new clients through a eye catching design.

Sharpie is a company that promotes quality writing tools. Sharpie is often mistaken as a common marker. However, from artists, to students, to lawyers or even businessmen, Sharpie is a tool that everyone uses.


After a lot of thought, a minimal approach was most appropriate for the message that needed to be conveyed. It was really important to show the timelessness of sharpie which is why black and white was a suitable colour palette. To show it's timelessness, historically important images were used and modified in a playful manner.


The result is a humorous campaign that with very few words, succinclty embodies the values of this timeless company.