Christo & Jeanne-Claude _ Book
Ebook design - F18





The task given for this project was to create a sleeve that would represent the artist and his artwork. First we needed to select a book then after build our sleeve based on the book size. Through this process we also needed to create few spreads that would give a preview to what the book pages would look like. After designing the book, we were given the task of make an iPad version.


The approach for this sleeve was to take inspiration from the artists' work. Orange is prevalent in many of their works. This was one of the reasons why I chose to use orange for the sleeve design. I used Christo's name in the title of the book instead of naming the duo as this was an accepted convention when they created this particular piece. The typeface used for this title represents the way the fabric wraps around the sleeve to let the work speak for itself like the fabric would do for their artwork.


I was very please with the result the sleeve turned the way I wanted and I was amazed how much the grid I used for my spread was unique. The iPad version was received the same way. It has a unique style and it is very easy to use.