Type of work :
School project
Visual Identity
Product and Packaging Design






I developed a comprehensive brand identity for Vinovivo Vineyard as a school project. The objective was to encapsulate the vineyard's essence, vision, origin, product type, target clientele, and distribution method through various designs, including a logo, business card, wine glass, t-shirt, and wine bottle labels.

For the logo and branding, the name "Vinovivo" was chosen to embody the vineyard's spirit. The target audience was defined as individuals aged 20-40 who appreciate aged wines for special occasions.

In terms of design, the focus was on creative use of sign language, synthesis, symbolism, storytelling, and abstraction. The logo aimed to create an inviting ambiance for a younger audience while maintaining a touch of sophistication. During the label design process, adjustments were made to the logo to ensure coherence with the label.

The deliverables for this project included a captivating logo, a well-crafted business card design, a visually appealing wine glass design, a stylish t-shirt design, and three wine bottle labels maintaining visual identity. The timeline allowed for completion within four weeks to ensure thoughtful design and meticulous execution.

The wine bottle labels drew inspiration from the Blue Zones concept, involving collaboration with vineyards in each region to craft special edition wines celebrating longevity and well-being practices.

The brand's story was rooted in the tale of Vincent Moreau, a fictional creator who spent two decades in Sardinia, Italy, mastering winemaking under the guidance of Paolo, an extraordinary elder. VinoVivo wines became renowned for their mystical qualities, incorporating traditions from Paolo's vineyard.

As part of the project, there was consideration for introducing a pictogram for certified Blue Zone products. This pictogram would visually represent the concept, symbolizing quality and well-being practices, contributing to brand recognition and trustworthiness.

In summary, the project aimed to create a compelling brand identity for Vinovivo Vineyard, appealing to a younger audience while maintaining an elegant allure. The designs served to showcase the vineyard's unique character and convey its story through synthesis, symbolism, and evocative visuals.

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