Type of work :
School project
Visual Identity
Publication and Typographic Design
Product and Packaging Design






As part of this project, I was tasked with rebranding a Montreal-based restaurant and bar called Biiru, located near McGill University. The establishment is an "Izakaya," a type of Japanese gastropub.

The approach I envisioned for the rebranding was to draw inspiration from Japanese culture while incorporating a touch of modernity and simplicity. To begin, I created three distinct artistic directions, among which one was selected. Subsequently, I applied the logo to various products and mock-ups to provide a realistic preview of the design in action. The logo's highly geometric and versatile nature allowed me to explore the numerous possibilities that this design could offer.

During my explorations, I noticed the need to pay attention to the arrangement of shapes when using them as patterns. Unintentionally, they could resemble Morse code and inadvertently reveal a coded message, especially considering that this type of language was heavily employed during World War II, a period in which Japan was profoundly affected.

With this in mind, I ensured that the design maintained a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition while avoiding any unintended associations or misinterpretations. The use of clean lines, harmonious shapes, and a minimalistic colour palette conveyed the desired modern and simplistic aesthetic. By carefully considering the cultural context and historical sensitivities, I aimed to create a brand identity that resonated with the essence of the Izakaya concept while remaining respectful and culturally aware.

The rebranding of Biiru aimed to capture the attention of customers and evoke a sense of intrigue and authenticity. By combining elements of Japanese design and contemporary aesthetics, the new brand identity sought to establish a strong visual presence that would resonate with the target audience. Through the careful integration of the logo across various touch points, such as menus, signage, and merchandise, the brand's essence was consistently communicated, reinforcing its image and contributing to a memorable and cohesive customer experience.

In conclusion, the rebranding project for Biiru, the Japanese Izakaya near McGill University, involved a careful fusion of Japanese cultural influences and contemporary design elements. By creating a versatile and visually appealing logo, and considering the historical context to ensure cultural sensitivity, the new brand identity aimed to captivate customers and establish a strong presence within the competitive restaurant industry.

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