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Eye Catching


Eye Catching



To mark the end of our DEC program, each student in our year was tasked with designing a poster to advertise our vernissage evening. To determine the five finalists, a vote was conducted among all the graduates. However, it was the professors who would ultimately choose the winning poster. I was thrilled when my poster was selected as one of the five finalists and secured third place.

My objective was to create a visually captivating design that would pique the curiosity of passersby and invite as many people as possible to our vernissage. From a distance, one would initially perceive a solid white circle, serving as a focal point, against a vibrant red background that naturally draws attention. However, as one approach closer, the viewer would be pleasantly surprised to discover that this circle is actually composed of a repetition of the event's title, "Eye Catching." This visual surprise prompts the viewer to inadvertently seek more information about the upcoming event.

The contrasting elements of the design, with the bold red backdrop and the intriguing composition of the title, were deliberately chosen to grab attention and create an immediate visual impact. The use of negative space, with the dominant white circle, adds a sense of intrigue and mystery. The intention was to make the passerby pause and engage with the poster, sparking their curiosity and prompting them to learn more about the vernissage.

By strategically incorporating elements that both attract and surprise the viewer, the poster aimed to stand out among the myriad of advertisements and capture the interest of the target audience. The concept of "Eye Catching" was not only conveyed through the visual design but also through the clever play on words, emphasizing the allure and captivating nature of the event itself.

Being selected as one of the top finalists was an honour, showcasing the effectiveness of the design in achieving its intended purpose. While the poster secured third place in the competition, the recognition it received validated the effort and creativity invested in creating a visually striking and attention-grabbing advertisement.

In conclusion, my goal was to design an eye-catching poster that would generate curiosity among passersby and attract a larger audience to our vernissage event. By employing visual surprises and a bold colour scheme, the design aimed to engage viewers and prompt them to seek more information about the event. The selection as a finalist and the subsequent recognition confirmed the effectiveness of the design in capturing attention and generating interest.

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