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Génie 67


Génie 67



I had the incredible opportunity to actively contribute to the creation of a remarkable logo for the highly anticipated new engineering cohort at the prestigious University of Sherbrooke. This emblem was carefully crafted to encapsulate the spirit and legacy of the 67th engineering class. It was not just a logo; it symbolized the journey, unity, and achievements of this exceptional group of students.

The primary objective was not limited to the creation of a logo alone. The logo served as the foundation for an entire merchandise line, which would play a vital role in raising funds for the cohort's upcoming events and activities. This was an exciting prospect as it would not only showcase their unique identity but also provide a tangible way for members to show their pride and support.

Taking into account the vibrant culture of Sherbrooke's student community, particularly the engineering students, I sought inspiration from their fondness for socializing and celebration. Drawing from this theme, I envisioned an eye-catching t-shirt design that would seamlessly blend humor and nostalgia. To achieve this, I delved into the artistic style reminiscent of the classic animations crafted by Fleischer Studios. The intention was to infuse the design with a playful and whimsical charm that would resonate with the target audience, evoking a sense of nostalgia for their shared experiences.

Crafting the character within the logo was undoubtedly the most thrilling challenge. I strived to capture the essence of the Fleischer Studios style while ensuring that the character reflected the lively and dynamic nature of the engineering cohort. Countless iterations and meticulous attention to detail were invested in bringing this character to life, resulting in a truly captivating and iconic representation.

The culmination of our creative endeavors was met with resounding applause from both the students of the cohort and the program committee. The response was overwhelming, and we are elated to share that within a remarkably short period, we have already sold over a hundred t-shirts featuring the distinctive logo. It is truly heartwarming to witness the unity and camaraderie fostered by this unique merchandise, as it not only serves as a fundraising tool but also ignites a sense of pride and belonging among the engineering students at the University of Sherbrooke.

This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of the engineering cohort. The logo and accompanying merchandise have undoubtedly become emblematic of their shared experiences, achievements, and unwavering determination as they embark on their academic journey together.

Although the final design was well received by the committee, it is important to note that it would not have been accepted as is due to the presence of alcohol references. Since the merchandise was intended to raise funds for the school cohort's activities, it was necessary to make some adjustments to remove these references and align with the committee's guidelines.

As the sole designer working on this project, I took on the responsibility of making the necessary modifications. It required careful consideration and creative problem-solving to retain the essence of the design while eliminating the direct associations with alcohol. By adapting the concept and reimagining the joke, I ensured that the revised design met the committee's requirements and maintained its appeal to the target audience.

I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my role in the design process. As the sole contributor, I took it upon myself to make the adjustments and ensure the final design would meet the committee's expectations and serve its intended purpose as a fundraising tool for the school cohort's events.

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