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Karishma Pageau


Karishma Pageau



The initial goal of the project was to create a visually captivating and memorable logo for Karishma Pageau, an aspiring professional photographer studying at Dawson College. However, aiming to go above and beyond, I took on the challenge of developing a comprehensive visual identity that would encompass not only the logo but also extend to other branding elements such as a website and a business card.

Karishma's distinct photography style primarily revolves around black and white portraits, showcasing a keen eye for capturing emotions and expressions with a sense of artistry. It was essential for the visual identity to reflect this style while exuding professionalism and instilling a feeling of trust and confidence in her potential clients.

To achieve these objectives, I delved into careful typographic exploration and ultimately chose a serif font for the logo. The elegant and curvaceous nature of serifs mirrored the organic lines and graceful contours often found in the human form, reinforcing the idea of capturing the beauty and essence of individuals through photography.

In terms of colour selection, a thoughtful approach was taken to align the visual identity with Karishma's brand values and aesthetic preferences. Forest green, with its rich and deep hue, was incorporated to evoke a sense of royalty, sophistication, and a subtle nod to the natural world that often serves as the backdrop for her captivating portraits. To create contrast and balance, an off-white shade was chosen as the primary background colour for the logo, allowing it to stand out and command attention. Complementary neutral colours were carefully integrated to add depth and tranquillity, ensuring a harmonious visual experience across various brand touch points.

Expanding beyond the logo, the visual identity was extended to a cohesive website design that showcased Karishma's portfolio and provided an immersive browsing experience for potential clients. The website incorporated clean layouts, intuitive navigation, and a minimalist aesthetic to allow the photography to take center stage.

Additionally, a well-crafted business card was designed to serve as a tangible representation of Karishma's brand. The card featured the logo, contact information, and a captivating black-and-white image, serving as a compelling introduction to her photography services.

In summary, the final result of the project successfully encapsulates Karishma Pageau's natural, rich, and minimalist photography style while establishing a cohesive and professional visual identity. The logo, website, and business card collectively convey her unique artistic vision, inviting potential clients to explore her portfolio and experience the profound emotions captured through her lens.

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