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Noveller show


Noveller show



In this project, the task was to create a concert poster that reflected the musical style of the artist, specifically for the "No Dream" album by Noveller. Noveller's music closely aligns with the atmospheric soundtracks often heard in films like "Blade Runner 2049" and "2001: A Space Odyssey."

My goal was to design a visual that adequately captured the musical essence of Noveller. To achieve this, I decided to explore the medium of watercolour for most of my experiments. Watercolour allowed me to create a range of textures that I could utilize in my final result. One particular texture caught my attention due to its resemblance to the surface of a planet. To my surprise, when I inverted the colours of the artwork, the vibrant turquoise transformed into a radiant golden circle. This revelation led me to realize that the blue colour represented what one might perceive on a superficial listening experience, while the golden colour symbolized the deeper emotions one could feel when fully immersed in the music. With this in mind, I aimed for the poster to capture the essence of the album and highlight the imaginative environment one could envision while listening to it.

The use of watercolour allowed for a sense of fluidity and depth in the visual representation. The textured surfaces and interplay of colours conveyed the atmospheric quality of Noveller's music. By juxtaposing the vibrant turquoise with the radiant gold, I aimed to evoke both the initial allure and the deeper emotional resonance that the music evokes.

In terms of composition, I focused on creating a captivating central element, which was the golden circle representing the transformative experience of engaging with the music. Surrounding the circle, I incorporated subtle elements reminiscent of the cosmos and abstract shapes that symbolized the layers of sound and emotions present in Noveller's compositions.

Typography played a crucial role in the design as well. I selected a font that balanced elegance and modernity to complement the overall visual aesthetic. The text was strategically placed to create a harmonious composition while ensuring readability and conveying essential information about the concert.

Overall, the poster aimed to convey the atmospheric and transformative nature of Noveller's music. The use of watercolour, the interplay of colours, and the central golden circle symbolized the depth and emotional journey one can experience through the album "No Dream." Through careful composition and typography, the poster invited viewers to immerse themselves in the music and imagine the evocative environment that it creates.

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