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School project
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Phone addiction campaign


Phone addiction campaign



The aim of this project was to create a poster that raises awareness about various social issues. It is difficult to deny that most of us spend a significant if not excessive, amount of time on our electronic devices. This dependency leads to unhealthy habits and can have a negative impact on our relationships. Being personally affected by this issue, I chose it as the subject of my project. Similar to alcohol and drug addiction, phone addiction is a growing problem in our society that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

My objective was to demonstrate the amount of time a person can lose by being on their phone through the use of optical illusion. This element plays a critical role in the composition of the poster as it helps capture the attention of passersby and represents how one can be hypnotized by the content on their phone. Furthermore, the inclusion of human touch signifies that this issue affects all members of modern society.

The poster was executed so well that the marketing agency for "Pause ton écran" contacted me to inquire if it was an actual campaign I planned to release since I had used their slogan without permission. However, upon explaining that it was a school project, they shared my post on Instagram.

The design of the poster is both visually striking and thought-provoking. The use of contrasting colours, bold typography, and the optical illusion element creates a captivating composition that draws viewers' attention. The central image depicts a person deeply engrossed in their phone, surrounded by a clock-like illusion that visually represents the time slipping away. The intention is to make viewers pause and reflect on their own phone usage and the potential consequences of excessive screen time.

In addition to the visual elements, the inclusion of the "Pause ton écran" slogan serves as a call to action, encouraging individuals to take breaks from their screens and find a healthy balance in their digital lives. It emphasizes the importance of disconnecting from our devices and reconnecting with the real world and meaningful relationships.

Overall, the poster aims to shed light on the issue of phone addiction and prompt viewers to reconsider their own habits and behaviours. It serves as a reminder to prioritize real-life experiences over virtual connections and find a healthy equilibrium in our digital-driven world.

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