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Advertising and Marketing Design

Sharpie Timelessness


Sharpie Timelessness



The primary objective of this project was to gain insights into the world of marketing by creating a compelling advertising campaign for a selected company, aimed at attracting new customers through an eye-catching design. Sharpie, a renowned brand, specializes in offering top-quality office supplies. Often mistaken for a regular marker, the Sharpie marker is far more than that. It has become an indispensable tool for a wide range of individuals, including artists, students, lawyers, and even business executives.

After careful consideration, I concluded that a minimalistic approach would be the most effective in conveying my vision for this brand. By emphasizing the timeless essence of the original Sharpie marker, I aimed to create a campaign that would resonate with the target audience. Hence, I opted for a colour palette consisting of classic black and white tones. To further reinforce the enduring nature of the brand, I incorporated historical imagery that underwent playful modifications. This creative twist injected a sense of humour into the campaign, allowing it to effectively communicate the values of this timeless company. Through clever visual storytelling, the movement encapsulated the versatility, reliability, and innovation that Sharpie represents, all while using minimal text. By carefully curating a visually engaging advertisement, the campaign successfully captured potential customers' attention and conveyed that the Sharpie marker is more than just a writing instrument—it is a trusted companion that stands the test of time, transcending the boundaries of professions and creative endeavours.

Overall, this project served as an opportunity to delve into the marketing realm and create an impactful advertising campaign for Sharpie. By utilizing a minimalistic approach, historical imagery, and a touch of humour, the campaign effectively communicated the brand's timeless appeal and the indispensability of the Sharpie marker in various domains.

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