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The project aimed to create a captivating series of images for Wabasso, a Quebec-based distillery, to enhance their marketing efforts on social media. Established in 2017 in Trois-Rivières, Wabasso holds the distinction of being the region's first distillery.

Inspired by the distinctive flavor profile of their product, an enticing blend of spruce and rosemary gin, I embarked on a photographic journey that showcased the essence of Wabasso. To authentically capture the natural beauty of Quebec, I ventured across picturesque landscapes, from the rugged mountains of the Eastern Townships to the breathtaking vistas of the Gaspé region. Immersed in these diverse environments, I sought to capture the essence of the flora and fauna that define Quebec's remarkable wilderness.

With each carefully composed image, I aimed to weave a compelling narrative that would transport viewers into a world of adventure and exploration. Through the lens of Wabasso's products, I envisioned individuals embarking on thrilling escapades, whether camping amidst towering pines or embarking on exhilarating forest hikes. The convenience of Wabasso's pre-mixed gin and tonic in a can became the perfect companion, elevating outdoor experiences and adding a touch of luxury to nature's embrace.

The culmination of this project resulted in a series of visually striking and evocative images that authentically represented Wabasso's brand identity. It was immensely gratifying to witness these photographs take center stage on the distillery's social media platforms, captivating audiences and igniting their desire to embark on their own Wabasso-inspired adventures.

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